We are all given trials in this life. We all have urges of much kind. The measure of a person worth is how he/she handles the trials put upon them. I can only suggest to you what might be the cause of your question. One being you're not in control of your actions and feelings and your purpose of existence and what's yourself worth is. Because you may feel an attraction to the opposite sex that does not mean that you act upon it. Second this sick society has made it more acceptable for people facing these issues that it's okay to love the same sex in an intimate manner.

Homosexuality is mentioned in the Quran as an abomination. The people of Lut as mentioned in the Qur'an in many surahs, are the symbol of homosexuality. The Islamic law punishes a homosexual in more than one prescribed punishment. Those who are adulterers or homosexual are in need of guidance.

As far as why God created homosexuals, I can say that there are many people who have unacceptable desires, not just the homosexuals. You can't say why Allah has made some or many heterosexuals have illegal sex for example. They are the ones who chose to do that act. It is well known that there are those people who like to have sex with little kids or even with animals. If you talk to them, they will say, "God made me this way".